Disaster Recovery


You always live in this world hoping that all will continue to be fine, just the way you want it. But then sometimes the hopes get dashed away by unexpected happenings. Do you call it the will of God? Partly ‘yes’ and partly no, as some happen due to human errors, accidents, and omissions.

Running your life or any business is always prone to many challenges such as lack of finances, personnel issues, and many others. These need to be addressed on a day to day basis. Business owners have found it important to always take insurance for risks both external and internal. Most of these kinds of problems will be taken care of by insurance. But then, is that the end of problems?

Not at all, because other types of risks are there in plenty. We have the other disasters that happen due to the will of God such as earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, and others. Normally these kinds of disasters will not be insured against. Insurance companies in most cases are not willing to provide cover for them, due to the main reason that they cannot be quantified.

Natural disaster risks with respect to technology
When a natural disaster strikes in any corner of the globe massive damage and huge losses can occur to a business. Such disasters can cause massive information loses, damage to computing technologies and communication failure. All computer and network users will be left with nowhere to turn to or recover their data from. It will be a very costly affair for many businesses if not well prepared.

That is the more reason why proper measures should be adopted to protect against that kind of happening. The following points look at some of the methods that can be adopted.

Backup– A backup is a method that has been adopted since the introduction of computerized systems. This will ensure that you have a second, third or tenth copy of all data stored in your systems. Backup is important as data loss can occur due to many reasons including those caused by natural disasters. Cloud-based solution- Using the internet facility to back up your important data and programs is a sound solution which is becoming more popular. Businesses will have to check all issues including data security, legal aspects, connection issues and how fast the same can be retrieved. Plan in advance- Careful planning is required to know what kind of data needs to be backed up and at what period intervals. Create a contingency plan that is sound for your particular business. Protect Digital Assets– You digital assets including the hardware, software, and data are very important. You should always invest in protecting them just in case of a disaster. This can be achieved through.

Taking Insurance for all your digital assets
Ensuring to have a backup plan for all digital assets