Computer Networking


WAN optimization or WAN acceleration! Is it a must that businesses have to be compelled to adopt it? Your answer should be ‘yes’, as that is the only and sure direction for all businesses.

The term refers to a category of techniques and technologies uniformly used to maximize data flow efficiency across the wide area network. With the world becoming more technologically connected, the goal of all businesses is to enhance their access speeds to all critical information and applications.

It is envisioned that the WAN market will continue to grow in bounds into the near future. Existing statistics indicate that the push towards achieving WAN optimization started as far back as 2008. By then the market worth was estimated at $1 billion. That figure has been rising throughout with an estimation of about $4.4 billion in 2014. It is expected to rise further.

Benefits of WAN Acceleration 

  • Provides a vital link– WAN plays a vital role in linking computer systems and mobile devices such as smartphones and users. This makes it possible for data file access and sharing. People have been able to exchange files, emails and run other applications on the WAN. With the continued improvement in software and hardware technologies, faster access speeds and better performance have been achieved.
  • Better work performance-It is apparent that WAN acceleration increases network performance and you do not have to buy additional hardware. This has led to huge benefits for businesses in software, hardware, and bandwidth costs. The same has made businesses to reduce IT-related operations costs and increasing productivity.
  • Improved accessibility- The arrangement offers faster and easier access to files. It uses caching, making you utilize the same files many times and accesses them speedily as you have only new data to save or retrieve. The same factors enable people to work from remote locations, a big contribution to cost saving as you do not need to think about branch offices and business headquarters. Using available applications like email, messaging applications, and data transfer options, people can communicate easily between long distances.
  • Cost reduction- It is apparent the costs will be reduced by adopting WAN acceleration. Not just reducing the cost of WAN circuits, but also reducing data management from/to remote locations costs. There will be saving on remote tape changes, administrators working from remote sites, equipment maintenance, and data protection.
  • Reliability- Adopting WAN offers you more reliability and a speedy data recovery. The wide network facility will carry out a remote backup of your data in an easier manner. WAN acceleration makes it possible to have better network response times to offer speedier access to highly required applications after a crash occurs.