Month: November 2018


In computing, data can be lost through corruption, accidental loss or files become inaccessible. You need a system in place which allows you to back up your data and at the same time offer you recovery ability in case of any eventuality. The following is a list of some of the best tools in the market.

Data Rescue PC4- One of Profost Engineering latest version of data backup and recovery software. It has an advanced hard drive that makes it stand out in form of performance and effectiveness. The software gives you many options such as adding virtual Jbods, ran or RAIDs. It has been rated highly by users in their reviews.

EaseUS Data Recovery- The software will start by scanning your drive, saving all data immediately by just using one click. It has some of the best-advanced features with a well-designed interface that makes it easy to use.

R-Studio– The tool offers you a long-term ability to ensure that all your system files are safe and intact. It offers some of the most advanced features including recovering destructed data and imaging functions. However, it requires expert knowledge to use.Many Digital Forensic Labs and Data Recovery Centers use R-Studio on a daily basis.

BitRecover Data Recovery- The tool is suitable for file recovery, but will not handle complex issues that involve data recovery. The user interface offers you a number of options to deal with the recovery procedure such as preselected scan, deleted files, formatted data and raw data recovery.

Amigabit’s Data recovery- The tool is a hard drive recovery application that has been rated highly by users. Though its interface can be at times confusing to use the performance results are good. It will give you three recovery options for deleted files, reformatted files, and raw data recovery.

Icare Data Recovery-The tool offers you a simplified menu option to recover lost data, reformatted and lost partition and recover your deleted files. It is an easy tool to use by anyone in the business even with no expert knowledge. It has an effective backup and recovery potential despite its limited features. The tool has been rated highly by users.

Stellar Phoenix-The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and saves time. It features a number of facilities that make it a handy tool to use in network recovery processes. The tool has been well tested and proved effective with a consistent and dependable performance. You can select all the files you want to recover including multimedia files, emails, and Documents to make the scanning process selective and faster.

DoYourData- This is a software that can be used by anybody whether you are an expert or not. It is most suitable for home-based systems to offer you perfect backup and recovery results. It is well designed with very easy to use and understandable user interface. It will recover your documents, audio and video files and all your images. It is one is the easiest tools to use.

Ontrack Easy- A good tool that can be used by all classes of users from the experienced to the less knowledgeable ones. It has a step by step recovery process only requiring a few clicks to make it perform backup and recovery functions. It will quickly fix all your recovery issues and is perfect backup software.

Secure Recovery- The backup and recovery tool for Windows is a cheaper alternative that makes you back up and recovers all your data files. It has all the basic features necessary for data recovery and will effectively backup your data.It has a basic interface with all the functions such as the visual grid for showing the files being scanned from the hard drive partition. The tool has been highly rated by users in their reviews.