Month: June 2017


They say creative and beneficial innovations have their own opposing sides too. The world was made in such a way that everything comes ‘double faceted’. On one side there is the good person working day and night to give us all the benefits of positive technology. We have technology gadgets with lots of benefits such as the iPhones. On the other side of the coin, we have the negative minded person working day and night to counter all the benefits achieved. What a confusing world?

Thus we enjoyed the fantastic benefits of smartphones such as iPhone. The smartphone was a superior device with all features built to make your work easier at the same time safeguarding all your private matters. It was not for long as others decided otherwise. They created counter-productive software such as the virus, malware, and spyware to make peoples lives miserable. People were no longer assured of their own privacy as someone will easily hack into your iPhone and get to know you’re where about and linkups.

But their enjoyment has been cut short by the introduction of new super methods superior to theirs to detect and remove the spyware from the iPhone.

Detect, Prevent and remove Jailbreak on your iPhone

Jailbreak is a method used by people wanting to spy on you that involves running modified firmware on your iPhone. The person will be able to spy on your calls, messages, and sensitive passwords and even detect your current location.

To fight against this menace the following methods have been formulated. 

  • The first method you should try is to install anti-spyware software on your phone. The spyware will always scan your phone and detect foreign programs.
  •  Check your phone regularly to detect signs of unexplained heating to massive data being monitored by spyware and sent to the culprit’s phone.
  • Check for unexplained iPhone slow starts, unreasonable usage of data bundles, phone freezing, and sudden shutdowns. All these activities do not seem to match your phone usage.
  •  Your display screen will be able to show whether there is an intrusive data transfer icon. It will show even when the internet is not active. This is a good sign of a spyware on your iPhone.
  • The Cydia Application allows for installation of applications on your jailbroken iPhone. Look for it on the phone’s home screen or in the applications. This is a good pointer to know whether your phone has been broken into.
  • Any program or applications not installed by you should be removed from your smartphone. Always ensure to sync your data e.g. your contacts, photos, and images with iTunes. You can then restore your data using iTunes to ensure all genuine applications and data are restored. Do not sync your applications with iTunes as it will lead to the spyware also being picked up and restored.


Spyware can play havoc with your iPhone as well as your personal life. It is capable of obtaining a considerable amount of information about you which can be used to cause you bodily and financial harm. Proper measures as above should be taken for the complete removal of spyware programs from your phone.

With the above methods, you will have achieved a lot in ensuring that you are safe.